Visit To Dingle End
17 June 2017

At our June meeting, Club members received a warm welcome at 6 Dingle End, Inkberrow from Mrs. Gabrielle Allison, her family and a hot, sunny afternoon.

Mrs Allison told us the history of the house and garden and how they came to purchase the adjoining piece of land thereby creating a garden of just over one acre. This field was low lying and boggy, Gabrielle and her husband, who had worked in land and water management here and abroad, devised a plan to dig out a small lake and drain the surrounding area to use as an extension to their garden. After getting two JCB diggers stuck in the mud, it was a very wet winter, they finally installed weirs and bridges to control the water levels and successfully drained the rest of the field allowing the planting of an orchard, roses, trees, shrubs and a vegetable garden, which has to be fenced against the local rabbit population.

Chickens are kept in the orchard and these contributed to the wonderful homemade refreshments provided of a full afternoon tea

Brian Skeys