Lifts to Meetings

Please Note

  1. This service is only available to members of the Black Pear Gardening Club attending club-organised events.
  2. Those wanting a lift should approach someone with the same or adjacent post code or be prepared to travel to the driver's address.
  3. The Black Pear Gardening Club cannot be held responsible for any problems encountered by either the person requiring a lift or those providing the lift.

Recompense for the Driver

We have been asked by several people about what would be the fairest payment to give the driver of a car in which you are having a lift, particularly to an outdoor meeting. This is important when some of the venues are quite a distance.

Please remember that the driver of a car cannot ask for payment from passengers for transporting them as it would negate their car insurance. Therefore it is only fair that the passenger/passengers in that car offer to pay for, at least, the admission fee and tea, to the garden/s visited. If there is more than one passenger, the amount divided between them would be relatively small. Those of you who do not drive may not be aware that to fill up the fuel tank of even a small car costs well over £50.00 nowadays and this does not take into account the road tax and insurance payable annually on a vehicle today.

So please make sure you recompense the driver adequately.